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Kiteboarding Curacao

Combine your diving with kiting

Kiteboarding in Curacao!

The second best activity on the island

Bas Harts Diving works closely together with
Kiting Curacao, the first and best kite school on the island. Kiting Curacao offers kite board courses from beginner to intermediate and advanced. 

Just like us safety, service and fun is their number one priority!!

All courses are done at a perfect and unique kite spot on the island. Their spot has the best wind conditions on the island!! Shallow warm water and on shore wind.

We can combine relaxing morning dive sessions with adrenaline pumping kite session in the afternoon.

When you book one day of diving with us you will receive 10% discount on your kite lessons with Kiting Curacao!! 




Wanna try Diving and Kiting in Curacao?

Can’t decide on what your new hobby will be? Or you just wanna try both kiting and diving for the first time?

We offer a unique teaser course where we will introduce you to both diving and kiting. During this 3 hour course we teach you the basics of diving and let you enjoy the power of kite boarding. 

This excursion is the best way to find out if you like either diving, kiting or both.

Price $140/person, with a minimum of 2 persons.





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