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Diving Curacao

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Curacao has many beautiful beaches and a tropical climate. Sitting on the beach and enjoying the breeze is a wonderful way to chill for the day. But as you sit in the shade of a palm tree and look at the water with many hues of aqua and blue you just know that more beauty is down below!

Diving Curacao with Bas Harts Diving is the best way to dive Curacao and experience this underwater world, even if you are not certified!

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The best choice for diving Curacao

About Our Dive Trips

Curacao is the home of a wide variety of diving

Curacao is the home of exciting walls, bountiful reefs, pristine dive sites and has more combinations and more quantities of diving than most people can dream of. If you want to dive Curacao we offer the best Dive Trips, Guided Dives, Introduction Dives and Private Dives from one day dive excursions to multiple days of diving.

In addition to the best diving Curacao has to offer, you will also be introduced to the more natural and undiscovered side of the Island. Not only will we take you to some areas most tourists will not discover and most dive shops will not go to, we will show you a lot more on our way there. Like pink birds (locally known as flamingos), goats, wara wara, iguanas, occasionally wild boar, Curacao’s country side, beautiful secluded beaches and plantation houses.

Don't just settle for Curacao diving, dive Curacao the Bas Harts Dive Safari way!!

The Original Curacao Dive safaris

A Unique Island Experience

Private or small groups

Bas Harts Diving introduced the concept of Dive Safaris in Curacao. We are the original and still the best Curacao Dive Safari on the Island.

We offer a unique Curacao diving experience like no other!

Our Dive Safaris are more than just two AMAZING private guided/instructional dives per trip. These are partial day trips where you experience much more than just the most pristine dive sites that Curacao diving has to offer.

On top of it ALL, you will dive Curacao with just your loved ones, friends or in small groups and a personal guide.

Even non-certified divers can join!!

5 star Curacao diving experience

No crowds, No hassle, No “cattle calls”
From the moment you are picked up in one of our fully equipped luxury dive trucks you know you are going to have a 5 Star guided dive experience in Curacao. We don’t settle for just a house reef like other shops and you shouldn’t have to either. We will take you off road to the best diving Curacao has to offer.

No crowds, your day diving in Curacao will be private or in small groups

Blue wave thingy

Our approach to Diving Curacao

Your day of diving Curacao will be spent with a personal guide who knows all about it’s history, culture and diving and is more than happy to share his knowledge during the day.
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