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non-certified divers


Do your Introduction Dives the original Bas Harts Dive Safari way!


If you are considering a Discovery Dive or an Introduction Dive and want to enjoy a unique experience, then we are the only way to go!

Our unique way of introducing you to the underwater world is proven to be the best way for you to enjoy your first diving experiences!

As a non-certified diver you can experience this the Dive Safari way! You will experience your first day of diving the same as a certified diver would.

You can even enjoy this experience together with your certified loved ones or friends!!




The benefits of......

  • No classroom – all theory will be done on a beautiful pristine tropical beach.
  • No swimming pool – your skills will be done in “pool like” conditions in a crystal clear shallow bay with calm waters.
  • After your skills are done, you will be on a bountiful coral reef before you know it, cruising at a very safe depth.
  • Now that you have done your dive it’s time to do one more! You have a level of comfort. You have developed a small level of skills. Your second dive will be more enjoyable and relaxing. You will more easily see the aquatic life and corals surrounding you.
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