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Curacao Cruise Excursions

We provide scuba diving and combination beach excursions for all cruise lines sailing to Curacao! Travel to Curacao by cruise ship and discover the beautiful underwater world of Curacao. Get picked up at your ship, transfer to the dive site of your choice, dive with an experienced dive master and return to your ship after a wonderful experience. We can also take your non-diving group members to a wonderful beach where they can relax and enjoy a tropical paradise while you enjoy your dive!
We dive the west side of Curacao where the very best dive sites are located. Dive Curacao with us and see the most pristine reefs on the island!






Don't just dive Curacao – Dive Safari Curacao!

You will not only dive away from the crowds, but you will also see part of our Beautiful island most others on your ship will not.

Your group will experience a private guided diving experience. Not only for certified divers. Introduction dives (resort dives) are possible even together with certified divers in your group.

Pictures (if available) will be free of charge. Tell us your wishes and we will make it happen.

Dive Curacao with us and we will make your Curacao diving experience among the best you will ever have! This will be nothing like any Cruise Dive Excursion you ever done!!

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